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Are you a teacher, a student, a curriculum consultant, a home-schooling parent or just someone interested in improving education? We dedicate this site to all of these activities and much more. The box at the right is but one idea.

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Is there a serious problem with the way we educate? The ideas we will put forward may surprise you and delight you. The problem we address as educators has been invisible because we remove the “wrong” answers when we score tests.

We all walk in an envelope of ignorance. Effective education should give us the ability to pushing back this envelope, making us progressively aware of what we don’t know. Our errors that tell us what we do not yet know. These are gone in tests scored right/wrong.

Better Schooling Systems is dedicated to the development of minds through the process of constructing knowledge instead if acquiring it. Our research shows that when students are full participants in the construction of their understandings they become excited about learning and are able to learn more deeply and rapidly than when they are passive recipients of the wisdom of others.

Here is a Lesson Plan based on the picture that you can review if the picture intrigues you. You will find similar plans in different subject areas on this website that are available with Membership. If you have lessons of your own, also designed to foster insight, which you would like to share for a reviewed publication acknowledgment, please investigate at our Guidelines for Submission. This opportunity is open to members. Submissions will be reviewed by experienced teachers, giving you reviewed acknowledgment upon acceptance of your contribution. You must be willing to let others use your plan.

For a brief look at the philosophy behind these ideas and this material, please look at “Who Stole Effective Education?

We invite you to become acquainted with the ideas herein. If you are intrigued and excited by this approach to teaching, please share this site with your colleagues and friends. We have produced a book in which these ideas and how they were developed are described anecdotally. It is entitled “Making Peasants into Kings.” You will obtain a complimentary copy with membership or by following the links from the title.

Reprinted by permission of the Publisher. From Percival M. Symonds, Symonds Picture-Story Test, New York: Teachers College Press Copyright © 1948 by Teachers College Press, Columbia University. All rights reserved.